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So you’re not a graphic designer or professional photographer? No problems! I’ve collated the best resources to help you get designing and taking photos for your e-commerce business like a pro.

In this video Seb will show you how to build a meaningful, recognisable brand for your online business.
Diana gives you a step-by-step guide and tour through Canva so you get situated and learn everything you need to start designing fab visuals right away!
In this video Sandra teaches you some Canva tips and tricks that you probably didn’t know!
In this video Nancy will be teaching you how to make a video ad in Canva to sell your products.
Ronny shares everything you need to know about Canva’s latest photo editing features.
In this video Angela shares how to make a mockup using Photoshop and Canva.
This adobe illustrator tutorial by Sandra walks you through how to design a logo in illustrator.
Rich shares how to make a professional T-Shirt mockup for your clothing brand
This video shows you how to take amazing product photos at home on a budget.
In this video Charmeas teaches you how to take simple and inexpensive product photos from home on your phone.
In this tutorial Doni shows you how take product photos at home using a camera or iPhone!

Erica shares everything she uses to take her product photos: camera, editing, etc!

In this video Sarah shows you how to DIY designer packaging. She shares 5 or 6 ideas where of how you can use stickers, stamps and even wax seals to make your packaging professional and on trend!
This video shows you the different ways in which small businesses can package their orders before sending them out.
In this video Evan shares a basic rundown of everything he’s learned doing product photography for the last 5 years!
Amanda shares 6 tips to take stunning product photography images for Instagram.
In this video Omar shows you how you can achieve some fantastic product photography from home.

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