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Social media for your product based business can be a minefield, but never fear – I’ve collected the best tutorials out there to help you up your Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest game.

In this video Tina from XXL Scrunchie shares all the social media channels she uses, how she uses them and how she first advertised her small business.
In this video Tiffany and Craig from High Season Co teach you how to grow your following on instagram in 2022.
Robert covers the latest Instagram algorithm update for March 2022.
In this video Gretta walks you through the best practices for setting up your instagram account for your eCommerce brand.
This is part 2 of the video above where Gretta shows you how to build the best instagram for your eCommerce Brand.
Wondering how you can use Instagram Stories for your online business? Watch this video and it will show you how.
In this video they cover how to get started as well as their favourite growth hacks to master TikTok and TikTok ads.
In this video Robert shows you how to gain over 10k followers on TikTok everyday.
Lauren shows you how to increase your Etsy sales with Pinterest in 2022.
In this video you can learn from Nancy how to get traffic from Pinterest to your eCommerce business.
This video by Jordan is the complete beginner’s guide to Facebook marketing and paid advertising in 2022.
Mei shares ten top stress-free tips for how to use video marketing in your handmade business today.

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